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Bobbie Harris Old Schoolmate May 20, 2008

Hi Donna,

Not sure if you'll remember me but you hung with my little sister Kim Harris (3 Lenape Trail). 

I was very sad to hear of your loss.  Doug was a great childhood friend and he touched my heart again in HS.  He will be forever in my heart and prayers!

Bobbie Harris

P.S.  If you need anything this side of the country..thebobcat24@hotmail.com

donna walker sister May 12, 2008



I find myself thinking of you often and am so proud to have you as my brother there is not many people that have what I had in you.   You were the best brother, role model, friend and foe, you taught me so much about life and how to be more patient and take the time to get to know people.   You are my everything and i will do everything I can to make sure our dream is kept alive.   I could not believe how many lives you touched,  seeing that many people at your memorial was breathtaking and  I can only hope to be as special as you are.   I wanted so much more time with you, we had talked about growing old together and cutting hair even when we probably couldn't see it.  I wish my kids got to grow up with you,  there missing out on uncle Doug.   I  love you more that life itself and your passing is definately the hardest. 

Kendra Kaparic The Uncle I Never Had!!! May 10, 2008

Doug - You were the uncle I never had.  My father pointed out (during your viewing) that you were my age (25) when you started doing my mothers hair because she was pregnant with me.  You have been an important person to me one way or another throughout my life & I have been so blessed.  I never really had an uncle and the only way I could ever describe my closeness to you would be just that.  You have been so much more than a friend or co-worker you have been my family.  You have inspired my career and I have grown so much through out the past 7 years of doing hair and owning my own business because of you!  Since you've been gone I have realized so much about my life and how important you really have been - you have been a security blanket in so many ways and I have found myself so lost without you.  I have also realized how much I have become just like you with my business and how similar we do things but of coarse it's because you have taught me so much and I have learned from all your forthcomings and mistakes.  Thank you for inspiring my life so much and being so important to me.  I miss you every day and have never experianced something so devastating as losing you.  You have meant so much to me and my whole family.  If only I couldve had you another 10 years - it's not fair to lose someone you love so much!  I miss everything good and everything bad about you & I miss seeing you everyday!  I'll love you and miss you forever!!!


Denise Price-Monahan Love From New Jersey May 6, 2008

Dear Donna,

I dont think I could ever find the words to take away your pain, I hope that you will ALWAYS find comfort in all the awesome memories you made with Doug, and now your amazing tattoo that will last you a life time (especially when you are and wrinkley) ha-ha. I am here for you 24/7 so basically you are stuck with me, we lost so many years and we have sooo much catching up to do. I take comfort knowing that I was able to re-connect with Doug these past few years and I was able to say "I Love You",  I am though deeply sad that I will not ever get the chance to see him but thanks to this beautiful website I can see his handsome face everyday.

To Doug,

You are loved by all your family in Jersey especially me, "You will be FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS" , I promise to make sure that Donna is doing OK and I will be here for her for Life. "REST IN PEACE"

With Love Always,

Denise Price-Monahan

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